UX Salon Conference

A Premier User Experience Conference in Tel Aviv
Our yearly conference is a place where UX professionals come from across the world for two days of intensive learning in Tel Aviv.

Unlike many conferences, rather than calling for papers and speakers, we have an editorial approach — we put together programs based on current trends in the industry, and seek out speakers who are working in those areas to give inspiring, entertaining, but most importantly practical presentations.


In many languages the word SALON refers to a place of gathering, a living room, a place where you entertain, spark a discussion and increase the knowledge of participants through conversation. Our red couch is a symbol of entertaining and having friends over, a unique feature at UX Salon.

2014 Keynote: Design for Engagement

Whether you design websites or shopping malls, hospitals or mobile phones, you’re designing for people, and people want to be engaged by the products and services in their lives. Jesse James Garrett looks at ways the designers of all kinds of products and services can maximize the human engagement of their work.

2015 Keynote: From Paths to Sandboxes

Designers are trained to guide users toward predetermined outcomes, but is there a better use of this persuasive psychology? What happens if we focus less on influencing desired behaviors and focus more on designing ‘sandboxes’: open-ended, generative systems?

2016 Keynote: This is the golden age of design!

Everywhere I look companies are hiring designers! Two hundred over here! A thousand over here! We need a lot of them and we need them fast. Finally! Companies have come to understand the importance of design in building successful products and services. Isn’t that great?

2017 Keynote: Form Follows Me

The 20th century marked a design era in which form followed function, but we quickly evolved to a model where form followed emotion. We’ve now reached a period where rich stores of personal data have created yet another design phenomenon where form follows me.