UX Salon 2016


Video from UX Salon 2016. Just Enough Research / Erika Hall

Every product, service, or interface we design in the safety and comfort of our workplaces has to survive and thrive in the real world. This means countless strangers will be using our creations in a chaotic environment over which we have no control. Research is the key to grounding ideas in reality and improving the…

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UX Salon 2016 opening presentation with Idan Barkai

Israeli comedian Idan Barkai, takes a look on using, experiencing and design. Idan Barkai, a well-known actor, comedian and the owner of a brand-new tooth brush, knows nothing about UX. But still, he is a proud user of stuff he experience every single day, sometimes twice a day. Idan, now a qualified UX researcher, will try…

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wix- yoss (22)

Videos from the UX Salon 2016 Wix.com Cocktail Party

Eva-Lotta Lamm will show why pen and paper are your secret superpower and how to harness this power for better communication and design. A tale of a red chair. Adrian Zumbrunnen shows us why good design isn’t always beautiful and frictionless. Redesigning complex products requires a good plan. Bat El Sebbag takes a look at…

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UX Salon 2016 Slide Deck: All the available slides from the event

The Age of Humanized Technology / Dr. Roey Tzezana “First Time User Expereince” (Because There is no 2nd Chance) / Shai Wolkomir The 5 Step Plan to ‘Marry’ Your User / Dori Adar Working in Context: Rapid Animated Prototyping / Nir Kosover Product Innovation Through a Gender Lens / Anat Katz-Arotchas Just Enough Research /…

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Learn how to use sketching in the design process with Eva-Lotta Lamm

In a recent survey by Khoi Vinh of subtraction.com about their favourite tools that designers use in the design process, “Pencil and Paper” came up as the overwhelming winner (64% of all answers) for the “Brainstorming and Ideation” phase. In a time where new tools and techniques for designers and developers emerge all the time,…

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Announcing UX Salon 2016. April 3-4, 2016 Tel-Aviv

We’re happy to announce UX Salon 2016. 2 days of inspiration, education and skills development for user experience and digital product professionals. The creative process is more than just finding the right tool for the job; it’s also about finding the best approach to being creative. This April, join us in Tel Aviv to learn…

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